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I Raised 2 CEO’s And a Doctor, What Mistakes Are Done Frequently By Parents?

It is awkward to be, a prominent parent, and has your entire family appearing on the top covers of the magazine. There are some people and their families who have turned out to have been successful when it comes to caring and raising up their families.

For example, Professor Janet is pediatrics, Susan is the CEO of YouTube, and Anne is co-founder and CEO of 23AndMe. They raised to the highest most competitive professions which have been dominated by men.

Many parents keep on consulting me time and again for advice and encouragement. For ten years as a mother grandparent and a mentor, I have come up with some essential morals that enable our children to be successful and influential people in society. Some of these morals is generosity that most of people have not taught their children.

Train Your Child To Take Good Care

I was brought up knowing that it’s my responsibility to make an incentive that will make a positive change in my surrounding society, and up to date, I try my best to make a positive change. I always stand on the gap, even if other people in the community just sit without making any effort to bring a positive difference in the city.

In that case, I taught my offspring about the essence of giving back to society since it serves as one of the values in my entire life. I demonstrated it myself since actions speak louder than words. Little did I know at that moment that it had a very serious result on the kids, which have been proved by some of the more exciting analyses.

Role Of The Society

Young people who sacrifice with the young ones go through bad emotions which can expose the heart and the blood vessels to very high risk as discovered by the research done in the year 2013. Young adolescents who do voluntary duties were essential less likely to involve themselves in prohibited actions and also have fewer judgments in the court of law and taken to custody between the ages of 24 years and 34 years. This research is according to the study from the year 2016.

Is there any person who meditate about this when it comes to bringing up our children? Any person taking an incentive to be a role model and set a good example to our child to how to defend and work for our society? Is there any child may have motivated and encouraged to use the biggest problem of our time and look for a way to make a change?

It’s excruciating to alter, this that a lot of children entirely mind about their wellbeing. If these children want to join higher education in tertiary schools, holidays they want to spend in various places and expensive luxurious things they desire to have. At times it like we are couching a generation and a universe of pride, and I won’t imagine if we get more use to say that such bringing of children has a significant impact on this.

Wrong Ideas In United States

Children have been brought up having the feeling that they are the core of the world. As adolescents they are not having the courage and self-reliant; they are not ready at all to make any positive change to make the globe better.

Most people make a lot of money in the entire world but they do not enjoy their wealth since they were not raised by their parents in the critical values to enable them to shape their lives in the right direction. These people prioritize in earning cash since they hope that money will make them enjoy life and make them complete.

This is the United state’s idea: become wealthy, enjoy the sandy beaches, have very costly desserts, visit Las Vegas, and make no positive change in the world. However, all these will make people very proud and develop a lot of addictions.

In Silicon Valley, numerous people only mind about their wellbeing without considering others. Such people do not give the first chance to society either do they defend the welfare of other people and also they do not take life with any purpose or any importance.

And due to this results they mostly become stressed and withdraw themselves from socializing with other members of society. I have come across a lot of unhappy wealthy people all over. And most of them grew up like children with the wrong values.

Service And Reason As The First Priority

What’s makes the united states have a widespread drug addiction, stress, and killings. No true and sure information about to spend our lives properly, how to care for other people in the community, and us.

We are much focused on wealth and money but not giving back our Service and purpose to society. But If we have the reason to make one self-excited and comfortable. Once you make yourself comfortable you should also remember to make sure we are resourceful to the community as we assist others.

Other members of our families may have the same stories and may desire to serve naturally. Maybe you can understand my feeling and belief as a student in college how I wanted to make a difference in the globe. And if you won’t understand? And if you were directed to aim at your own success and you have no idea where to start?

Good, I have got encouraging news: It’s not very difficult. The major issue you require is a positive attitude on your offspring and oneself. You begin very humbly. Sacrifice at least for an hour and give back services to your community. Attend the public meetings to enhance unity with other members of the society. Find out challenges that might he affecting the people around you and the entire organization.

At any place, there could be challenges that need to be solved, another person or a group of people, and an experienced person. This is the main reason of being in the universe, we should shape our children as early as possible from their tender age.

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