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School Parents Are Doing An Extra Day’s Work Getting Kids To School

A research carried out by Kelloggs aimed at finding out what mornings were like for parents before their kids headed off to school.

Surveying 2000 parents, it found that the hours parents put in a week into getting their kids ready and to school in the mornings is equivalent to an extra day’s work!

What Is The Study Revealed?

The study found that parents spent almost 10 hours in the week , doing a mammoth 43 tasks each day, to get kids ready for school. The tasks ranged from the very obvious ones such as waking kids up, brushing their teeth, making breakfast, preparing lunch and getting uniforms ready to the ones more focused on preparing for the day ahead such as scheduling appointments, making dinner arrangements, paying the bills and writing a shopping list .

The task list included a number of typical household chores as well such as loading the dishwasher, doing a load of laundry. wiping down surfaces, putting away toys and taking the bin out. This, of course, was in addition to the other things parents were already doing- minding younger children, managing the household, heading out to work. Most of the parents surveyed said that, with all the tasks to be done, they felt they had done a day’s worth of work by as early as 11 AM.

Early Riser

The study also showed that, in order to get everything done and be on time, the average school parent was waking up at 6 AM with some waking up as early as 5:30 in the morning.

Researchers have found that while working parents today are starting work at the same time on average, the morning routine has never been more hectic, Additionally, on average, parents are not leaving work until around 6 PM. This points to a particularly hectic regime for the average working school parent and perhaps indicates a need for the workplace culture to change by, for example, incorporating more flexible work hours or work-from-home days, so that parents can maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Even Superheroes Need Rest

In the always-on culture that moms and dads are functioning in, requiring them to herd their kids from one place to another in order to keep them mentally engaged and involved in a range of diverse activities, the added burden of such a hectic morning routine spells for a mentally stressful lifestyle for school parents in general. This study emphasizes how their days begin on perhaps, the most stressful note. However, while it does a good job of painting a clear picture to school parents of what their mornings typically look like, is there more it will do? Will it, perhaps, become the trigger for starting constructive debates on how to make the daily lives of school parents less hectic? Will it get workplaces to develop a more accommodating, flexible culture? Will it help parents identify better way of managing their time?

We certainly hope so! Because while we love to think of parent as superheroes, we should remember that even superheroes need their mind and bodies nourished so they can go about saving the world!                                                                                                           

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