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Treat Your Sciatic Nerve Pain Using The Tennis Ball Therapy


The primary nerve that travels down the spine to the back of the leg is the Sciatic nerve. The pain involving Sciatic nerve is a problem occurs in the nerves, such as herniated disc or closing of the spine(spinal stenosis). The pain generally occurs in the spine, when nerve roots are weakened by a vertebral column narrowing or from a slipped disk. This causes the damaged leg to become inflamed, sore, and even cause numbness.

A treatment involving a therapy with a soft ball that we use in tennis has proven to be beneficial for relieving back pain and nerve problems. While using the therapy, you are incorporating methods of acupuncture and acupressure which are used to ease joint pain and muscle soreness. Several studies have shown that this treatment helps to relax muscle tissue, reduce pain, and cures lower back pain.

Read on to know more about this therapy-

Tennis balls was designed to treat a pear shaped muscle named, piriformis muscle. This band like muscle is located near the hip joint. When piriformis muscle puts pressure on the sciatic nerve, this contributes to the leg pain and causes irritation in the nerves. The ball pushes and heals this muscle which decreases tension and weakness thus increasing mobility and boosting blood flow in the affected area.

This therapy is found to be effective for both sciatica and back pain. If the back pain triggers damage to the nerves, stop the ball from bringing it next to the compressed nerve to minimize the risk of any unwanted damage.

Steps to perform the therapy-

Depending upon your pain and balance capability, you may take more than one tennis balls. While using a single ball, more force is added to the region and this excessive stress may result in pain. When more than two balls are used, the tension is distributed and works in the entire area causing less pain.

Place your weight slowly towards the tennis ball and find areas of growing tenderness. Use a mild force to push each painful area for about 20 seconds and then look forward to the next step. You can roll up and down the disc in a gentle way.

You don’t have to face too much pressure from this therapy. Change the ball gradually, and attach additional balls to relieve direct pressure when the pain is severe. Work slowly as this excessive pressure can cause additional damage instead of providing relief and can make the situation worse. When you have sharp pain it is recommended to avoid it, otherwise, it can greatly affect the nerves.


Additional methods using hot and cold bags can ease the back pain and relax the muscles. You should see a specialist or a physician if your pain is constant or prevents you from leading a healthy life. If these methods are found to be inefficient and the excessive pain makes your day-to-day life miserable, discover the options and learn about other therapies like chiropractic therapy, yoga and steroidal injections.

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