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To What Extent Can Your Feet Define your Personality?

We all know that in every social context, each one of us plays a role. Even without you realizing it or clearly outlining it, you behave according to your “own” role. Did you know that even by looking at your feet you might be able to tell your personality traits and thus your most probably role in your family?

Keep reading to discover what research says about the shape of your feet and your personality.

(1) Wide And Squared Feet: The Advisor

The toes of your foot have all approximately the same length and your feed is rather wide. Also called the “Peasant Foot”, it defines someone who is generally very capable and a great advisor in the family. People having such a foot-shape are usually hardworking and practical. These characteristics make you the person on which the majority of the family depends on and who they will choose to contact in case of any issues and problems they need advice on.

You tend to be caring and responsible, however, you’re not very flexible: once you’ve taken a decision or a stand on something, it is hard to make you change your mind. You are most probably also an overachiever and sometimes too much of a hard worker. Good advice is to be more open-minded and stop overworking to live happier and healthier.

(2) Elongated Feet: The Leader

If your foot has an elongated shape and your second toe is longer than the others, you fit with the “leader” personality. You have the highest status in the family. This foot shape is also called “Greek Foot” and tends to characterize people that are very proactive and motivated. This is not about income: you probably are the one who in the family gets greater attention when it comes to decisions. You can influence others and hold major power in your hands. People with this shape of feet tend to be strong, demanding and usually have great leadership skills. You don’t like to lose, so people will have to concede to your firmness.

An advice for you is to find someone who can pamper you to release some stress from you.

(3) Shorter Last Two Toes: The Mediator

If you notice that your last two toes are shorter than the other three (which are similar in length), you are the mediator of your family. This shape of the foot is also referred to as the “Roman Foot”.

You usually don’t take sides and you’re the to-go person when there are conflicts within the family members.

Generally, your personality traits indicate that you are an extroverted person, with a developed emotional intelligence and who can build a very good relationship with anyone. You are not the leader of the family but everyone likes you and wants to talk to you.

Your presence can contribute to unifying the members when something goes wrong. You are characterized by good temper are rather easy-going, thus you are a great person to confide a secret, but not necessarily to solve it. However, because you are affectionate with others, people around you can be influenced by your reactions. Some might envy your position, however, your soft-heart and your poor decision making don’t make you either powerful or a leader in the family.

You should strengthen your character to be able to have a better and more positive influence on your family members.

(4) Big Toe and Shorter Last Toes: The Listener

This shape of the foot is also called the “Common Foot” or “Egyptian Foot”. Your big toe is big and the rest of your toes are increasing smaller in size. You are a listener, with your idea but who rarely expresses them.

You tend to be a sensitive and delicate person, usually conservative in your thoughts but calm. Usually, people with these feet are good at hiding emotions and don’t like taking decisions alone. You are a great observer but you don’t like to gain too much attention. People with this shape of the foot might lack in self-confidence. Additionally, they tend to have pure and ideal views on love and other emotions. They are sensitive in case of betrayal and deception. Because of the little communication, you need someone who’s able to understand you.

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