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Am I in a Healthy Relationship?

Both partners are active listeners

 If you practice listening to your partner, I let him finish before responding, this will show them that you genuinely care and that their feelings count. Doing so without judging it’s also essential, you have to understand that not everyone thinks and acts in the same manner.

Trying to put yourself in the shoes your partner but have you know the way that they are feeling. It is also important to remember to take a deep breath before responding; if you listen until your partner is finished, it will reduce the chance that your response will be one of anger.

Both of you always have your partner’s back

No matter what it is they’re doing, they always have each other back. Partners should want each other to succeed in whatever endeavor they’ve taken upon themselves. A happy couple will cheer all of each other’s victories as well as offer support for their losses.

They encourage and help each other in hard times, and take every opportunity to boost their partner’s self-esteem when they’re down. Their goals are always to encourage them to keep going no matter what.

Neither of you like playing games

 Obviously, we’re not talking about Monopoly. Here, we are referring to emotional games, the ones where you play with someone’s heart and their head. Lying cheating and deceiving were only served to make things worse. Once you’re getting caught in the lie, it makes it increasingly difficult for your partner to trust you in the future.

Nothing hurts a relationship like dishonesty, try not to keep secrets from each other cuz he’s the only make matters worse. Past disagreements are not designed to be shelved and used as references for future arguments. If you regularly drag up the past, your partner is going to view you is petty and spiteful. Neither of which are foundations on which to build sustainable relationships.

Apologies. do not hurt

Don’t expect an apology always to fix the problem; it’s not going to make it go away are make what you did right for the person on the other side. The point of apologizing is to let them know you understand. I bet you regret how things about those.

It’s not about finding fault appointing out who did what. People in strong, healthy relationships understand this concept. the ability to accept someone’s apology is equally as important as being able to say sorry when you know .you’re Wrong. A clear sign that your partner genuine takes your excuse is that he or she will not continuously bring up past mistakes during new arguments.

It’s challenging to be in a healthy relationship with your not healthy yourself

Happy, healthy relationships are built by two equals; if you’re unhappy, don’t expect someone else’s happiness to change how you feel. If the partnership is working, then it’s a reflection on both parties.

So instead of focusing on your partner’s happiness all the time, cartoon shows that you are as healthy and happy as you could be. This practice of self-care removes any significant negatives before they begin to impact the overall relationship.

Outsiders don’t always have your best interests at heart

I need a couple and look strange today outside, but only they can decide whether it’s healthy or not. This is why the only people who should dictate the direction our relationship is going are the two people involved in it.

It isn’t always a good idea to accept advice from someone outside of the relationship, especially if it’s unsolicited. Focus on stage on raising any problems with your partner and working through them yourselves. Strive to find common ground ignore those who genuinely don’t understand the nature of your bond.

Be willing and able to grow

 Always try to keep in mind that nobody is perfect; placing an unrealistic expectation on someone will necessarily lead to disappointment. At the same time, you shouldn’t use your partner as an excuse for your relationship, not growing.

Keeping focused on your own personal growth it’s always essential, no matter how healthy your relationship, never use it like this as an excuse to lose sight of your own goals. Your relationships only one part of your life, not the basis for your whole existence. A healthy partner should encourage you to I’m a better version of yourself, they should never try to stop you from pursuing any of your personal goals.

Focus more on the positives

Happy and healthy relationships I built on a foundation of mutual respect where the happiness of both parties is central for the overall goal of success of the relationship. Keeping in mind that life is never perfect when negatives arise, try to focus on any positive in any given situation. For example, if you find your spending more time with your partner is family than you are with your own, white address the case by the wording in a positive manner.

This, like I like old habits take some practice and understanding to get it right; it’s not something that always comes naturally to people. I believe a more positive mindset has the tendency to encourage your partner to think and act in a similar fashion or other than creating conflict.

Both parties have equal status

In a healthy relationship, the wants needs and interests of both parties are treated equally. Try to avoid passive-aggressive Behavior, which will inevitably Foster uppity and distrust in your partner.

If your partner is always on guard and they never honestly know what you’re thinking or feeling, how could they possibly be expected to change? What would make you happy in the future? Instead of Play Mind Games and bottling up your feelings, just be honest; if you’re not satisfied, do not hide it, clearly communicate your feelings to your partner.

Get the little things right

You would inevitably forget to tell your partner if you love them, but it is the little things that you do will demonstrate how you feel. Do something without being asked, am I picking up their favorite Take away on the way home on Friday evening knowing that they want to relax after a long hard week at work.

These simple actions about a stick in your partner’s mind, keeping all your grand gestures to Valentine’s Day and Christmas Day, are you on your birthday will eventually come across as disingenuous. Make a little effort every day, and this would mean more than you can possibly imagine.

You do things together

Finding a common or shared interest is always a good idea, Many healthy relationships are built around the mutual love of a particular hobby or activity. Common shared engaging help make strong bonds in relationships and help develop secure connections.

We are not advocating that couples have to spend all day every day together, everyone needs their own personal space too. But a couple sharing a common interest will help them to grow closer and maintain a long term healthy relationship.

If you need something you just, have to ask

One of the clear signs that you are in a healthy relationship is that both you and your partner are open and willing to meet each other’s needs. You actively communicate with each other and listen, there is no expectation that your partner has suddenly developed the ability to read minds.

Genuinely healthy relationships are built on a foundation of honesty and transparency. Instead of looking for problems, partners communicate intending to find a solution.

You love working together

A couple learns to work together towards mutual goals, recognizing that together they are stronger. Of course, each person’s needs are essential, and the requirements of one should never negate the need of the other.

But in a healthy relationship, you should be able to trust that your partner has your best interests at heart. When your partner always has your back, that is a great sign, you are in a healthy relationship.

Both parties are happy to give freely of themselves

A clear sign you are in a toxic relationship, is when your partner only offers help if there is a clear expectation of getting something in return. In these circumstances, the association is totally one-sided.

In a healthy, happy partnership, both sides are only too delighted to help each other, with the sole expectation of making their partner happy. All they might expect is a thank you.

Demonstrate your appreciation

Showing gratitude to the person you love is not difficult. Two simple words are often enough “Thank you”. If you or your partner do something that makes your lives easier, this is worthy of acknowledgment. In a healthy relationship, both partners pull their weight, but there are occasions when one person needs to step up and do a little or even a lot more.

Instead of arguing about whose turn it is to take out the trash, just recognize that your partner needs a little help and do it. More importantly, when you realize that Recognize that your partner stepped up, never take this for granted. Show them that you respect them and always express your appreciation.

You hear the line “I love you” regularly

Saying “I love you” for the first time, is a huge step in any relationship, once you cross that threshold you know that things have gotten a little more serious. But don’t be afraid to say it more often, if you mean it, the words hold their value.

When your partner uses the words I love you and the feelings are reciprocated, regardless of the circumstances, this confirms to both of partners that their love is both deep and lasting.

You love your partner for who they are today.

Too many people think that they will be able to change their partners. Their excuse is accepting certain behaviors because they see how great the person could be, if only they could improve.

Learn to love and accept your partner for who they are today, not for the person that they may become. It is entirely selfish to expect anyone to change simply because you expect them to. This creates a relationship built on unrealistic and false pretenses. It is completely unsustainable.

Being together is a safe place for both sides

Your partner should be your oasis in the desert, your shelter from the storm. This should be a safe space where you can go in a time of trouble and expect your concerns will be kept private.

It will require some mutual respect to increase the safe area; once you guys have this understanding, it will ensure they are relationship goes from strength to strength.

You both focus on fixing not fighting

People in a healthy relationship good to solve problems rather than focus on them. The goal is not to point a finger or the place blame, this inevitably leads to making the situation worse, and in some circumstances of a worse argument will result .

Better to focus on finding solutions. This means that they’re actively listen to each other, as they aim to fix problems. They will become happier in the process, as they begin to understand that the need to prove that you are right has no place in a healthy relationship

Find a common ground

Instead of fighting to be the alpha in the relationship, your time would be better spent working towards common goals. You need to take action to improve your relationship can only make it more successful.

If you focus on the individual rather than the couple, it only makes your relationship more unhealthy. Self-Interest, what is important, needs to be a shelter location to help your partner fulfill their dreams. if you let this build into resentment, you can lead to irremovable differences

Intimacy builds stronger bonds

Sex is an essential part of any healthy relationship, it can be used to connect with each other, both emotionally and physically. It is perfectly natural, to want more attention and affection from your partner But always remember sex is not a way to fix a broken relationship.

Just because you’re having a physical relationship with someone doesn’t mean that it’s always healthy. If sex is the only strong bond left in a relationship, it is time to look for some professional help. Intimacy in happy relationships is fantastic, but only if it’s used for the right reasons.

Sweeping generalizations are not healthy

Couples who are unhappy tend to make sweeping general statements about each other’s behavior, such as “you always” or “you never” try to explain the partner’s behavior.

Labeling specific behavior patterns, or actions are not going to help. It makes a partner feel that nothing they do is ever right; they can feel completely underappreciated. To build a healthy, meaningful relationship, you’re better off treating each action or instance as a unique event that can be addressed independently.

Holding hands is OK.

People who are in a happy and healthy relationship are not afraid to show it. If you love someone, are you afraid to hold their hands? Publicly showing your affection for someone shouldn’t have to end after the honeymoon period of your relationship.

Holding someone’s hand and kissing them in public strengthens your connection. Still, it also demonstrates that you trust each other because you’re willing to show vulnerability in front of others.

Don’t always take things personally

Not every decision or action of your partner; it’s a personal attack on you; you know that this case. You put a lot of time and effort into your decision to live together, why would a partner turn around and attack you all the time.  A more straightforward explanation is that your partner is completely unaware of their actions and the effect that they’re having on you.

Just have an open conversation and ultimately leave it up to them to change. If they choose not to change then maybe it’s finally a sign that the relationship is in trouble.

Your partner gives you compliments

Everyone loves a compliment, it will nearly always put a smile on your face, these are even more significant when they come from your partner. It should be easy, even natural to find something appealing about someone you love.

More importantly, you should feel the need to tell them when you see this, knowing that it will make them feel good about themselves. Even the smallest compliment demonstrates to your partner that you are paying attention, and you care about them.

They call to see how you are.

No, I don’t mean you have to call them every 5 minutes. If you care about your partner, it was perfectly natural to want to know how the day is going. This person is your life partner, dropping them a message or a text I said it before the photograph at random points during the day just that simple goal that you’re thinking about them.

Even if you don’t have something to say, there’s nothing a couple of emojis cannot fix.

A healthy couple sleeps together

This does not mean that you’re going to sleep at the same time, and wake up together. It just means that people in a healthy relationship should enjoy the experience of winding down together in the evenings, going to bed together should give them a sense of peace.

It also helps establish trust early in relationships. Without mutual trust a healthy relationship cannot exist. If your partner makes an effort to go to bed with you and talk about their day, decide that they see you in their future, this is a habit that should be encouraged.

Find humor is similar situations

Life is never straightforward; spending every day with another person compounds things even more. Out of the work environment, there are household chores that need to be done, schedules that need to be kept, bills that need to be paid. Happy couples need to find ways to ease this tension together. Laughter is on of the the easiest ways to do this. It not only brings joy to a relationship, but it lightens moods pretty quickly.

Just make sure that your timing is right, teasing or pranking someone when they’re not in the mood and have the opposite effect.

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