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20 Hilarious Parking Notes Vigilante Peoples Left On Asshole Drivers Windshield

We all have been in it. The jerk who needs to take up to 2 parking spaces. How about the idiots that park illegally in handicap parking, and so on … . How would you respond? Cursing and frustrated? Do you Imagine yourself smashing their vehicles?

Take a look at these funny notes that peoples have left to terrible drivers.

#1 Honestly the dude deserves some criticism

#2 This driver has printed cards, probably had a nice amount of bad Parker’s

#3 This parking note is a funny one 😊

#4 Congratulations, you won! Aggressive parking note


#5 Bad parking ready Flyer for dumbs


#6 The Poetic Parking Note


#7 This parking note is a very interesting way to discourage bad parkers


#8 Even Mickey Mouse might suffer from bad Parker’s

#9 Park note with British politesse

#10 the dude went way too far with this parking note

#11 The most annoying and aggressive parking note ever seen

#12 I think my girlfriend has exaggerated this time

#13 A very detailed parking note

#14 Jesus Parking Note

#15 a Sweet parking note left

#16 peoples don’t like double parking that’s for sure

#17 This is a cruel parking note

#18 Robotrics parking note lol

#19 reserved parking note

#20 That would be shocking… .

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