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7 Girlfriends Decide To Live and Retire Together in an Amazing Home

If you think you and your friends are the very definitions of BFF goals, just wait until you hear the plans of these seven girlfriends from China.

Have you ever thought about what would your life look like if you managed to give up men altogether? Just imagine, no more stress, no more jealousy, no more unnecessary fights, only you and a group of your best friends having girl’s nights until the rest of your lives. We know that this sounds like a dream that’s very far away from reality, but what if we told you that you and your girls could buy an amazing house, renovate it they you like it, and live together happily for many years to come.

Now that we have sparked your imagination, get ready to be extremely jealous, and possibly inspired, because a group real-life Golden Girls from China have managed to pull this off.

A video that vent viral begins with a story of seven best friends who are searching for their perfect home in the Chinese countryside, where they play on spending the rest of their lives together.

Not surprisingly, these girls succeeded. They found and bought their incredible 7,500-square foot house with the money that they all pooled in. After the purchase and the renovation of the house, everything that’s left is to spend all the years to come gossiping, drinking cocktails and enjoying themselves without any worries in this world.

Now that we’ve all agreed that this sounds amazing and empowering, let’s talk a little bit more about just how gorgeous this house is. Not only that the girls did an incredible job with the renovation, but the home itself is simply stunning, with huge common spaces where they will spend their time with each other, and seven bedrooms upstairs where every girl will have some privacy.

What might be even more beautiful than their home is the fact that its surrounding is simply jaw-dropping? When you step outside and look around, it’s like something from a fairy tale, all forest and rice paddies. Can you imagine only drinking coffee here with your besties, not to mention living here? We’re now officially jealous.

Considering that the ladies have an amazing taste, it doesn’t surprise us that their interior consists of furniture that’s imported from exotic countries such as India and Morocco. Now, even though everything we’ve told you until now sound simply adorable, just wait until we tell you that all the girls simply love tea and that they decided to build a tea pavilion, which is easily accessed by a wooden boardwalk, where they can all chat and enjoy each other’s company.

Even though their house is pretty secluded, girls told us that they don’t have any issues considering that they can get to the nearest town in just an hour, where they go frequently and shop.

The most impressive thing about all of this is that the girls decided to make the best out of their free time and learn something that can be useful for their household. This means that one girl is learning all about traditional medicine, while the other is exploring the world of cooking, house repairs, etc.

We all know how difficult can it be to be separated from your best friends, whether it’s because of your job, or because of the distance, so let this be an inspiration for you. Sit down with your besties, discuss it, and who knows, maybe your dream comes true too.

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