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Generosity at Its Best : Donating A Kidney To Your Ex-Husband

Dan Pyatt, with his ex-wife Kelly Hope and daughters, Jeanie, now 11 and Billie, now aged 16 (Image: Copy Media)

Many people are great examples of values such as love and generosity, even in situations where you least expect those values to be applied. Divorces are not easy processes and after the end, it is hard for the ex-couple to remain in a good relationship. However, when children are involved, the parents should still try to collaborate to raise them, even if the personal relationship is not working anymore. That is easier to say than to put it into practice, however, some cases show that it is possible.

Kelly Hope took the advice of collaborating for the sake of the children to the extreme. Not being prepared to let her children living without the presence of their parent, she decided to offer herself as a donor when she discovered that her ex-husband needed at transplant.

The two had been divorced for five years and the news of an ex-wife offering as a donor surprised even the doctors at the Hospital in London, where the operations were supposed to take place.

The ex-wife, Dan Pyat had been looking for a kidney for one year, without finding a compatible donor until his ex-wife stepped in.

Kelly before the operation (Image: Copy Media)

The operation turned out to be successful. Both Kelly and Dan recovered well and are currently in good health. Kelly’s story has gained a lot of attention in British media ( because of the exemplary behavior in such a situation. She claims to have done it all to avoid the suffering of her children. The ex-couple is still in good terms. They had been known each other since they were children and dated from the age of 18. They married in their thirties to later find out their relationship wasn’t working. They decided to separate because of different factors, including totally different work schedules and priorities, which were making the situation at home unhealthy for the whole family. But that did not stop them to keep being good friends, even today.

They both agree in saying that the operation helped them to get closer and they even organized a family trip together to Paris for the Christmas holidays.

Dan’s kidney disease had been diagnosed by the doctors as incurable during the period he was still married to Kelly. The woman knew that in a couple of years he would need a transplant. But none would have imagined that Kelly would be the one offering to donate her kidney, especially after the divorce.

Dan Pyatt and ex-wife Kelly Hope on their wedding (Image: Copy Media)

After the operation, some asked whether they thought they would get back together, but there hasn’t been a definite answer to the question. They both celebrated the success of an operation which helped them be more respectful of one another and that highlighted the selfless qualities of Kelly’s actions. According to Dan, what her ex-wife did to him is admirable and he defined her as his “true hero”.

The question remains if such an act can restore a relationship that was once believed to be broken. In any case, Kelly’s behavior is a highly admirable one.

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