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Prediction For Your Future Job Opportunities – Groom Yourself Now

Within the next 20 years, within 2040, you probably will be working in a company that does not even exist now. No, we are not discussing constructing time machines or chatting with the aliens or extraterrestrial creatures!

We work in an era where automation and robots are preferred over manpower so it is impossible to predict and forecast future opportunities.

Automation and career growth

Many of the activities which the employees are doing today have possibilities for getting automated. With the number of robotics and automation processes at the workplace touching record feet, it should be noted that, as per a recent survey, the world’s unemployment level decreased to 5.2 percent in the year 2018, which is a record low in the last 40 odd years.

Automation through the use of technologies like AI (artificial intelligence) has built higher productivity, greater efficiency, and economic growth. However, these advancements often raise concerns about the impact of employment, expertise, salaries. Considering that workplaces are moving towards automation, however, people still think there will be no shortage of jobs in the forthcoming 20 years which can be promising for your career growth.

As discussed, automation and robotics will create huge opportunities – similarly, they are providing today. With remote jobs becoming a common practice nowadays, communities may compete to search for potential talents. Jobs in rural areas will offer people more freedom to live, and in towns and urban areas, companies may find it hard to build this remote working environment.

Other options available

Freelancing offers thousands of people across the world to showcase their skills for earning money – which has a great market in the future. Governments and corporations will have to support this with proper and flexible planning and campaigns.

The advantages of employees are largely related to jobs, however, changes in concepts of development and job should be distributed across the workplace in a uniform manner. As changes in technology climbing to a record high, new skills should be obtained from various online courses and training classes.

People have to be better prepared to ensure that they are flexible enough to adapt to this social change. This will also enable them to create a strong network and suitable to work from anywhere, anyplace, and anytime.

Growth of Digital Technologies

Unfortunately, a Magic Wand is not available which can forecast about skills and expertise we need for the next two decades. However, we have managed to identify a few of the options that can be beneficial for your career growth in the future.

The growth of digital technology means that one will have to be prepared to deal with a variety of opportunities and hurdles. Just think once if you have the capacity to handle and visualize several complicated ideas simultaneously? If it does, then you show reliability that is highly regarded by managers and employees of specialized multi-taskers.

As the work culture continues to depend on technological and constantly evolving to modern procedures, there is also a growing need to match those who have such skills and abilities. You have certainly heard about STEM but did you know about SMAC? Even though it may be believed that digital phrases trouble us. But the fact is it provides the skills to achieve and learn more about emerging technologies, like the Internet of Things (IoT), Hadoop, Data Science, and Machine Learning.

Can humans survive this challenge? Read on to know more.

Although robotics and automation technology can be more effective than humans, however, in many other areas such as measurements and analytical problems, the human is still the boss of data analysis.

Emotional and social knowledge remain human strengths despite every other thing from report generation to sending reminders that are substituted by digital technologies. These skills are crucial in some areas. For example, the popularity of healthcare jobs is growing–indicating that certain positions always need a human aspect. More importantly, your coming years will involve closely collaborating with other people, so you certainly need empathy, collaborative capacity, and great communication skills.

A survey conducted by the World Economic Forum suggests that automation will improve the economy and will create new opportunities in the future. Natural talent is not easily represented by recent digital technologies, much like having a good sense of humor. You’ll be all right as long as you work out of the box!

Here are a few solutions that can enable us to create a healthy work culture in the future.

Learning New Skills to remain up-to-date

Fast changes in technology indicate the growth of new skills–so people have to remain updated through various courses and training. The present system of education is too slow and monotonous and works too inefficiently in this modern era. We have to develop a continuous learning educational system as well as a society that will encourage it. The revamping of the structure should commence for free and must be compulsory in pre-Kindergarten meaning education will remain accessible for the entire life.

As administration adapts to the evolving workforce at every level, companies must take some of the burden as well. Businesses would have to invest for the workers of future generation which can ease some pressure of the government. This requires more resources to be used to hire new employees for jobs and to spend further in the upgrading of current employees. These steps may be encouraged by tax policies. Governments, for instance, may tax corporations whose former employees are ending up unemployed and taking lower-paid jobs.

Competencies will be the issue for the upcoming workplaces. We should ensure that higher education still effective or bring up more ideas for more approaches to the training of these skills. Training courses and other workshops should help a person to climb the ladder easily accessible and get a firm idea about future opportunities. The training must we cheap and affordable so that more individuals can take up this challenge and learn new skills.

Provide necessary protection to employees

Our income, education, unemployment, and retirement policies which are developed in this era won’t be supporting in the future so the government has to come up with a structure to assess them in the future. This system has already been warned about the scenario of unemployment. But this has made a U-Turn and now everyone should find a way to distribute benefits for people and providing people with full-time employment.

Business concept.Business people discussing the charts and graphs and showing the results of their successful teamwork.

This change can also be helped by technological advancement in the workplace. To be successful in the long term, this safety net should take full advantage of technology. Several firms are created which offers helps in learning new skills at an affordable price. The change should be supported by everyone–from corporations to trade unions. In fact, our system has to provide people with the skills that are not that effective as computers! It brings developments like creativity, collaboration, enthusiasm, and adaptability.

In Denmark, ideas of the Myriad policy ideas created good benefits for the Danish government. These policies protected the employees and provided job security as well as invested a huge amount of money for conducting training classes. Several others are also beneficial and provide similar protection in jobs. We should push ourselves further to embrace creativity in this field–so that we can collaborate together with governments to build projects using new skills that can compete with the innovations of automation. This can be a huge boost for the upcoming generation.

Providing freedom to employees

Supporting remote employment and flexible timing could boost the employment participation of women and decrease gender inequality to a great extent. Joint action should be taken, government and companies can promote the lives of people through greater empowerment. They could create the plan by using remote work, agile planning, and creating a network.

In a job, working for new married people, injured people, single parents, people with critical illnesses-is kind of unrealistic and impossible -but if they have the choice of working remotely from home, it can help them to earn money and fix their own work schedules.

Platforms like Upwork is known to help drive this trend by providing quick and easier networking options for consumers and businesses. And this strategy already provides millions around the world with new ways to earn money and create their own work schedules.

Communities can promote self-employment by creating more openings and spaces for work. This would help to break new opportunities for several people. Participants will also see a good rise if a lot of capitals are invested and the plan is utilized properly.

Final Verdict

Over the last few years, automation and robotics are increasing rapidly. Although they are cost-effective, this change can be for the future generations to come. So from normal people to the government, everyone should come forward and take appropriate measures to create job opportunities for the future by educating them with proper resources and training classes. We all have to make sure that human beings are well prepared and groomed to compete with automated technologies in the future.

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