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What Optical Illusions Can Reveal About Your Personality

Optical illusions are fun to play with. It is interesting to see how the brain can make us interpret and how that might differ from what your friends see. Optical illusions can tell a lot about your personality, your beliefs, and your behaviors. Optical illusions are pictures where the message is not easily identified and its interpretation depends on how your brain uses its existing knowledge. The thing is there is no wrong answer in the interpretation of an optical illusion.

In this optical illusion, you might see a pair of lips from the beginning, or just some trees lined up with different heights. Or even, a line of trees with visible roots. According to the image that first came to your mind, you might be more or less flexible or tend to follow or depend on others. Let’s dig a bit deeper.

In case you spotted a pair of lips first

You are likely to be a rather quiet and calm person. You prefer living a simple life and tend to “go with the flow” with many things. You don’t like making a fuss out of things and people might perceive you as naive and boneless. In reality, you hide wisdom and are very reflective: when problems arise you usually are strong enough to deal with them successfully by yourself.

For you, honesty is an essential value upon which many of your relationships are based.

In case you spotted a line of trees

Looking at the picture was a line of trees, you are likely to be the kind of person who worries about the opinion of other people. You struggle with trusting people and it takes a lot of time for you to find someone that you can be your true self with. You tend to put up an emotional “veil” to prevent other people to understand your personality and guessing your thoughts. You pass as a very mysterious person and you’re a strong person.

In case you spotted roots first

You are good at recognizing your mistakes and work on criticism. You are rather open-minded and flexible, but also independent and focused. At first, you might seem ordinary but in reality, you are very enthusiastic, ambitious and competitive.

The interpretation of your personality based on what you see on an optical illusion is not a “one-size” fit all kind of analysis. But it is still a fun way to see how your brain works.

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