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80-Year Old With a Heart of Gold and His Adventures With Rescued Dogs

Eugene Bostick, an 80-year old man who lives with his family in Texas, is an incredible example of someone who can restore our faith in humanity. His home in East Forth Worth is located exactly at the end of the local street, which resulted in people leaving dogs on their land to starve and die.

But, luckily for these animals, there are still some good people in this world, and Eugene together with his family proved this. Over the years, they saved a countless number of animals and dogs, and nurtured them “back to life”. Not only that they just fed animals or something like that, but after Eugene’s retirement, he spent every single moment of this day with the animals, playing with them, taking them to the vet, and generally making sure that they’re ok.

As if this wasn’t sweet enough, Eugene didn’t stop there, he knew that something was missing, and that’s when he realized that he needed a dog train to take his little friends on amazing adventures. Yeah, you read it right, a dog train! We’re pretty sure that he has a world’s best retirement job and we’re officially jealous.

Even though Mr. Bostick is pretty energetic 80-year old, he still needed some help with all of these playful dogs, so that’s when he realized that some kind of vehicle would come in hand. The inspiration for the aforementioned puppy train came when he saw someone driving a tractor with carts attached to it, which makes sense we guess?

After he got this inspiration from the tractor, Mr. Bostick realized it’s time for him to make his dog train and got straight to business. All he needed was some plastic barrels, some wheels, years of his experience with welding and Voila!, the train was done.

Saying that the dogs love their train would be an understatement. They simply adore riding on it, and after the initial few minutes of the ride when they’re all excited and barking, they get calm and start to enjoy the view. The length of the ride is usually an hour and a half long, and the normal route includes the Sycamore Golf Course, which is in the vicinity of Eugene’s property.

This probably won’t come off as a surprise, but Mr. Bostick and his dogs are an absolute attraction on the golf course, and they get photographed every second by the local golfers who appreciate what he’s doing for these animals.

Not only that he’s getting some attention from the locals, but Eugene went viral on the internet too. But, the best thing about this is that this old man with the heart of gold is doing all of this simply because he loves these animals and that he would do anything for them. For him, it’s not about the attention, it’s not about fame, it’s not about going viral, it’s simply about him being a selfless human being who is always there to help those in need. And let’s be honest, we would all take his job at the puppy train!

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