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13 Pics That Shows a Dad’s Genius is Offlimits

Turning into a father is one of the most challenging things any man can experience.

You go from having no duties to be responsible for a new small individual, and as challenging as it may appear, a few fathers have an incredible humor about it.

Everybody realizes that mothers wear the pants home by handling any kid tasks with ease, however here are some fathers who have been given responsibilities for a task and made it their own.

#1 This Father Hate Going To The Park

© BrainMcCoy / reddit  

#2 He Is Finally Sleeping And I’m Starving

© 2nie / reddit  

#3 Kids, No Fights Today!

© shala458 / reddit  

#4 Babysitting is a Nightmare!

© daedalus_78 / reddit  

#5 “I’m a Cool Daddy…”

© taratorial / reddit  

#6 Gaming, Babysitting and Fatherhood

© unknown / imgur  

#7 Well Made!

© acidcow 

#8 Dad Takes Precautions

© CorriveauHasHair69 / reddit  

#9 Some Cool Time With Daddy

© bfoust1012 / reddit  

#10 “I Left My Husband For Two Hours Only… .”

© mwvc / reddit

#11 No Park Today Daddy?! OK!!

© winter_storm / reddit  

#12 I will Finish This Game In Any Price!

#13 When You Focused on a Game And Nothing Can Stop You

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