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31 Of The Coolest Grandmas Living Their Life To The Fullest

We all know the stereotype about Grandmothers that are so fragile, kind, small, enjoying of hobbies such of baking cakes, preparing food, playing Bingo and knitting? Well we should not be so confident about this stereotype.

For some Grandmas the party just began. In any case, these seniors are living their life to the fullest, and they want to share it!

#1 chilling grandma working out in her way

#2 Badass Grandma always take her precautions in the subway

#3 The Thug Life Chose Me

#4 What a surprise…

#5 I Probably Have The Coolest Grandma Of All Time

#6 Strangest Client I Ever Been with 80 Years Old Grandma

#7 She is a cool Grandma and she just Turned 90

#8 This is how grandma celebrate her 87 birthday

#9 Grandma On My 2006 Suzuki Gsx R 600 Rockin She look so badass!

#10 Spider Granny?!

just 20%?

#12 smoking weed everyday

#13 Grandma Doesn’t Give A Fuck

#14 Vintage and Sweetie

#15 Grandma knows how to party!

#16 Finally she got her tattoo at 87 years old

#17 saw This amazing grandma Selling Cookies

#18 Grandma Could I take Your Car For Today? I have a new girlfriend

#19 grandma choose this gift for her birthday

#20 grandma posing

#21 My Grandma Is 95 and she never stop playing

#22 You shouldn’t mess with grandma

#23 this is how a tea party can finish

#24 grandma started to surf

#25 grandma is so cool

#26 Grandma. The Resemblance Is insane

#27 My 96 Year Old Grandma Playing VR

#28 My 70 Year Old Grandma Sliding Down The Stair

#29 Found On A Grandma’s Camera After A New Year’s Cruise

#30 My Grandma And Her Friends With Snoop Dogg

#31 My 86 Year Old Grandma Smoking Weed For The First Time

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