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What Are The Signs Of a Cheating Partner?

Engaging in extra-marital affairs isn’t something new by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it’s an interesting fact that humans have only officially been monogamous in any real sense for around a thousand years, a mere drop in the ocean of human existence.

Without focusing too much on human history for the purposes of our discussion today, it isn’t a foregone conclusion – at least evolutionarily speaking – that human beings are supposed to be monogamous. Even in some middle-eastern and African cultures today, men have numerous wives, and there’s even a remote, tropical island where women have more than one husband. However, when it comes to finding out whether your partner is cheating on you, we’ve got five devilishly sneaky ways to catch them red-handed. 

Digital Footprints

We’re kicking off today’s tips with a bang and going straight for the jugular. There can be no better way than catching your partner cheating on you than by checking their computer, cellphone, tablet, laptop, iWatch, or any other device where they email and message from. Checking things like browsing history, cache, and of course, searching for terms like “online dating” or “Tinder” will often throw up something. Just be aware that there will be consequences to your actions, and you need to be ready for those.

Direct Questions

One of the most powerful and useful tools in the arsenal when it comes to checking if your partner is cheating on you is to ask them direct questions. If those questions are asked just right and the time is spot on, you may be surprised to learn that something is being hidden from you. A direct “where were you last night” accompanied by a fixed gaze into both eyeballs at close range as soon as your husband or wife gets home from work is a surefire way to tell whether affairs are going on.

Always Texting

Do you find that every time you look over at your spouse, they’re texting with a different expression on their face? Do they drop their phones and make out they weren’t on it every time you enter the room? This could mean you are being cheated on, but you need to confirm the truth before you go throwing accusations. With all the texting and What’s App groups most people belong to these days, your partner could be texting anyone. It’s when the texting seems shady and obsessive that it’s time to have some potential cause for concern.

Why the Hiding?

Some people just have a gut feeling or instinct when they’re being cheated on, and that depends on several different factors. Things like how long you’ve been together, the basis of your relationship, and the levels of trust will all come into play here. It’s when you can sense, for whatever reason, that your partner has changed and is obviously hiding something from you no matter how hard they try to hide the hiding, that just makes things worse. Observing rather than reacting, especially if things are tense between you is the best advice, as you build a picture of what all the hiding and deceit is about. 

We Need to Talk

Most married couples, especially where only one partner is still in love with the other, dread more than anything hearing those fateful words – “we need to talk.” Those four little words almost always only mean one thing, and that thing is separation and divorce. The quirky thing here is that some couples don’t honestly know how their partner feels or what they’re thinking as the passage of time takes its inevitable course, and familiarity starts to breed contempt. Sometimes it’s just distance and a lack of communication for extended periods that are at play here, while other times, it really is time for “that chat.”  

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