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5 Cheapest Tourist Spots For The Best Family Vacations

The new year is traditionally a time when people start planning that all-important summer vacation. For families, booking that vacation in time, and getting the best value for money is an even bigger priority as the summer break is long and hot. However, as any family man will tell you, such holidays are costly and can even threaten to break the bank if you aren’t careful.

For that reason, many people choose to vacation in cheaper spots around the world and spend their hard-earned cash on other endeavors. When it comes to vacationing with families, you’re looking at four, if not more, times the airline tickets, hotels, daily meals, etc. That soon adds up, and unless you have a spare few thousand bucks to throw around, vacations can hurt your bottom line and take a while to recover from financially. With all that said, family vacation time is as necessary as it is magical and is what creates memories for your kids that will remain with them for life. The great news is that you don’t have to break the bank or go bankrupt this summer, just choose a destination that costs less.


Greece, and particularly the Greek islands, have been a popular destination for tourists for many years now and is still popular today. Set in the beautiful Mediterranean, there’s something for all the family at this destination. For those traveling to Greece from the USA or UK, vacationing is even more cost-effective due to the attractive exchange rates. The Greek economy isn’t looking great, and the country thrives on tourism which it badly needs. Zakynthos is an increasingly popular destination among the Greek islands, and a comfortable family apartment can be rented there for around $40 per night. That almost always includes a communal pool and various amenities offered to tourists as standard. Greece offers a guaranteed memorable vacation for families and is undoubtedly one of the cheapest vacation spots on Earth.


Thailand is another favorite for those feeling adventurous and wanting to travel further afield. A popular destination for backpackers and young single adults, Thailand is an enchanting country from north to south. It has a host of stunning islands, jungles, National Parks, and that’s not forgetting amazing cuisine and very affordable prices. If you want to give the kids a treat, as well as a vacation they’ll never forget, rent a family beach hut for around $20 per night and stay right there on the beach. Street food costs less than a couple of bucks for a decent portion, and activities and day trips are also extremely cheap as compared with other countries. In Thailand, it’s possible to rent luxury villas with private pools for as little as $50 per night, making Thailand the obvious choice for many people taking a family vacation.


Indonesia hasn’t traditionally been a popular vacation destination for various reasons over the years, mainly due to political turmoil and wars. These days, Indonesia is gaining in popularity and currently enjoys an estimated 15 million visitors annually. The stunning white-sand beaches, fantastic scuba diving, and impressive jungles may have something to do with that. And the fact that Indonesia is no longer war-torn means you get some great bang for your buck there. Raja Ampat may not be the cheapest destination for families, although it does have one of the top three dive locations on Earth. One US dollar will get you around 14,000 Rupiah, the local currency in Indonesia. The food is amazing, the people are kind, and money goes a long way, making Indonesia a great destination for your family this summer.


Bulgaria is another increasingly popular vacation spot, attracting more and more tourists year-on-year. As one of the cheapest countries in Europe, Bulgaria is packed with some great sightseeing opportunities, ancient towns and villages, a stunning coastline, and some world-class wines. Bulgaria has been a popular spot for many years, but these days things are cheaper than ever in the country for tourists with foreign currency to spend. A family can enjoy a sumptuous evening meal, including a range of meat, salads, and delectable cheeses and desserts. A meal like this will cost around $30 only, while a decent room for the night will only cost approximately $30. Value for money, amazing food, kind hospitality and lots to do make Bulgaria a natural choice for tourists. 


India is a fantastic destination, especially if you and your family don’t mind long-haul flights, heat, and spicy food. Nevertheless, India is an iconic tourist destination and a country which is cherished and loved by many people from around the world. Traveling in India, especially with a family including young kids is undoubtedly challenging, but all the best things in life are. The other great thing about vacationing in India is that things are cheap; really cheap. You can buy a street meal, including two types of vegetarian curry and a pile of flatbreads for around 20 cents. Yes, you read that correctly! But it gets even better than that as a family room in a reasonable hotel will only set you back around $5. 

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