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5 Easiest Dog Breeds For Lazy Pet Lovers

There are good reasons why dogs are still called “man’s best friend.” Nothing is more loyal, loving, and cute than a dog, and they remain the most popular domestic pet in the world to this day. However, owning, training, and caring for dogs is hard work, and it takes a lot of love and effort.

As well as plenty of love, dogs also need regular visits to the vet, daily walks, and a healthy, nutritious diet. Dogs are very instinctual, and they also need plenty of love. For many people, buying a dog as a new addition to the family seems like a good idea at the time. But when it’s minus five or pouring with rain outside, that walk around the block is more of a torture than a pleasure. With all that said, there are some breeds of dogs that are, for the most part, hassle-free and need a lot less investment and time than others. Love, care, attention, and some training will always be part of the package, but some dogs are a lot easier to train, and we’re taking a look at five of the simplest to keep.

Border Terrier

Border Terriers might look cute, and they are in general; they’re also highly trainable even if they do need a lot of regular exercise. This breed is generally even-tempered, warm, and loving and takes readily to training from a young age. Border Terriers are people pleasers and are both upbeat and energetic. These dogs are considered to be a suitable match for small apartments without too much outside space. Training this breed to have pleasant house manners, to welcome guests and scare off strangers is simple enough, and the kids will love Border Terriers too.


The Havanese breed has grown in popularity in recent years. Their inherently kind nature and bubbly personality endear these little creatures to just about anyone who meets them. Havanese love learning new tricks, and that makes them very trainable. These pooches love attention and are just the types to do laps around the dining room table or kitchen island at high speeds. For people who love dogs but haven’t owned one before, Havanese is a great first pet.


Boxers are highly intelligent dogs who are also obedient and very loyal. Boxers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to looks, although many people find them adorably cute. These dogs like to be challenged both physically and mentally and are often very protective of the ones they love. Another favorite for kids, Boxers also make fantastic show dogs and are quick to learn new commands and to perform some neat tricks. 

German Shepherd

Despite their size and their loud bark, German Shepherds are an excellent breed for novice pet owners. However, these dogs aren’t for lazy people as they need a bunch of exercise, and that means two or three times a day (and on the weekends).  Bear in mind that German Shepherds are work dogs by nature and are some of the most loyal pets in the world. When it comes to this breed, the best advice is to begin training young, as soon as the puppy gets home for the first time as German Shepherds can follow basic commands from just two months old.


Poodles remain one of the most popular dog breeds until today and are loved dearly by people around the world. Poodles are renowned for being intelligent, obedient, and above all, easy to train and care for. In particular, Poodles love hiking, hunting, long walks, and plenty of treats. This breed sees themselves as a member of the family and make themselves right at home no matter where they are. Poodles are simple enough to train from a young age, just make sure they have a reasonable fenced-in area to run around in regularly. 

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