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5 Good Reasons Why Millennials Are Steering Clear Of Marriage

A recent study has revealed that around one in four millennials doesn’t intend on tying the knot. Perhaps more interestingly is that this means a quarter of those born around the 1980s probably won’t marry ever. The study found an array of reasons why millennials are shying away from marriage, and many of those reasons are understandable.

In case you aren’t aware, according to, Baby Boomers are those born between 1946-1964. Generation X are those born between 1965-1980, while Millennials are those born between 1981-1996. Those born between 1997 and the present day are widely referred to as Post-Millennials. A large number of millennials themselves come from single-parent families, and broken homes, and that fact influences many to want to stay away from that institution altogether. Cultural shifts and economic recessions are other factors that are keeping certain people from walking down the proverbial aisle. We’re taking a closer look at five reasons why millennials aren’t getting married.

Broken Homes

It’s mainly down to the fact that kids don’t understand nor fully comprehend the nature of adult relationships. That’s even worse when mom and dad are at each other’s’ throats the whole time. It also doesn’t help that the rate of divorce in the USA stands are around 50%. That worrying statistic in any other world or by any other metric would surely spell the end of what can only be considered a failed institution. On the other hand, children who are raised by single parents and lack a mother or father figure tend to do more drugs, act out violently, and do some jail time in their lives. Kids who go through divorce themselves often want to avoid marriage altogether.

Money Worries 

Another epidemic plaguing millennials (among others) is financial considerations that make the prospect of marriage and kids more than a tad unappealing. Wedding costs, money and kids cost even more, and some people simply don’t have the resources or time to make those ends meet. Many people who would otherwise like to get married decide against it when they crunch the numbers, and the reality sinks in. Bearing in mind that the average American wedding costs in excess of $26,000 and the debt usually starts from them and spirals. There are tax breaks and some other benefits such as child support, but until the economic situation changes many people will stay away from those lifetime vows. 

Career First

The next reason why so many millennials are staying away from marriage follows on from money worries and is, in fact, a direct result of them. As it stands, around 75% of high school students move to higher education before they enter into marriage. For many millennials, it’s all about “career first” and just about everything else second. When it comes to having any chance of getting a well-paid job that enables the prospect of marriage and kids, most people know that they need a degree. When you consider that the average age for graduate students is 33, by the time it comes to putting a ring on the right finger, the debt is already out of control.

Feminist Ideology

In many circles, it’s unacceptable not to be a fan of feminism and that’s another factor that’s affected marriage in recent years. Women who identify with the feminist movement (specifically third-wave feminism) tend to veer away from conventional marriage. From their point of view, marriage represents nothing more than the male oppression of women through the principle of ownership. Many women who do get married keep their maiden names or add them to their married names. Many husbands also take their wife’s name and both partners have both family names. Either way, whether one agrees or not, feminism hasn’t had the best effect on the statistics when it comes to marriage.

Divorce Costs

As if marriage isn’t bad enough for some people, at least if the statistics are anything to go by, divorce is a difficult option too. That’s not to mention the effects of a broken home on the kids, but also the often-crippling financial difficulties experienced by everyone. Many men will tell you that marriage just doesn’t add up, especially if you consider things like joint-custody, lawyers’ fees, child support, and the dreaded alimony. Even when the dust has settled and the lawyers have been paid, mom, the kids and especially dad are left with less money than they had previously. Oppressive and one-sided divorce settlements are also the cause of a lot of arguments and heartache. 

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