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5 Smart Gift Ideas For The Man Who Has Everything

In this day and age, most people, at least in the West, have just about everything they need and want materially speaking. When it comes to birthdays and Christmas time, many girlfriends and wives are left scratching their heads for gift ideas for their men, and that can get frustrating and expensive.

If your partner is the kind of guy who’s into gadgets or already has a male grooming regime, buying gifts can be a minefield. That look of disappointment on his face when he opens the present, and you know he’s less than pleased. Sure, you can always take gifts back to the store and replace them or get some credit, but wouldn’t it be great to nail that gift for the most important person in your life the first time around? The good news is that you’re not alone, as many others struggle for gift ideas just like you do. The even better news is that there are some great gifts available that are bound to please even the man who seemingly has everything. 

Rotating Pizza Oven

It might sound like a bit of a cliché, but when it comes to poker nights and other similar, usually  male escapades, pizza is one food that’s almost always part of the party. That’s why you can’t go wrong when it comes to buying your man a pizza-related gift. Rotating pizza ovens are all the rage in some man caves across the world, and they’re a really neat gift for any pizza lover. They’re simple to use and don’t need much practice to make the perfect pizza. You simply take your pizza and place it in its spot. The tray turns consistently to ensure even cooking, and both the top and bottom elements make sure every crust is crisped to perfection. Rotating pizza ovens are also great because they’re energy-saving and can save up to 60% in electricity compared to conventional ovens. 

Cocktail Smoking Machine

There’s no doubt that your BF or hubby will love you for this gift, especially if they’re keen drinkers and into cocktails. Just take your favorite cocktail concoction and place it inside the glass container. There are pass-through doors which allow for smoke to take the drink to the next level, and it’s also a highly entertaining party piece to show to guests. The device causes real wood to smoke and release their flavors into the cocktail. The container comprises a glass and metal frame and includes a rich black walnut interior base and drainage channel. A cocktail smoking machine is a perfect addition to your kitchen or home bar. Just try to keep the cocktail consumption under control as once you go smoked, it’s hard to go back.


Most grown men are just kids inside adult bodies and will always hold some impish, childish innocence deep down. Sure, men often act tough other others, but some like nothing more than engaging in childhood pursuits in their free time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Many affordable drones on the market these days come with 120, 180, or even 360-degree Wide-angle cameras. You can enjoy hours of fun flying the drone and capturing high-quality, ariel images no matter where you are. Some drones include neat apps that are smartphone and voice-controlled, and that can come in very handy. Get him a drone, wrap it well, and watch his face when he opens the box!

Wine Aging Device

They say that men age like a fine wine, and for those into fine wines, a wine aging device is a relatively new invention that’s all the rage these days. The tool is ideal for young wines that can be made to taste mature in minutes. There are different devices on the market, including those you pour the wine through like a funnel, as well as those with a metal alloy tip, which are dropped into the wine. These devices replicate the aging process by softening the tannins in the wine and improving the flavor. While nothing really replaces the conventional aging process for wine, these devices are neat and always a great thing to pull out at a party if you want to impress your guests.

Man Cave Candles

Man caves are the places where the male folk go when they want to get away from things and enjoy some downtime. Man caves are secure facilities and usually contain pool tables, cigars, whiskey, and a widescreen entertainment system as the main feature. The thing is that man caves are primarily located in basements, hence the name, and they tend to get a tad stinky, and that’s an understatement at the best of times. There are many so-called man cave candles on the market, and they’re an excellent gift for the man who has everything. Primarily made from natural soy wax, man cave candles come in a range of scents, including Leather, Mahogany, New Car, and even Cigar.

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